Evergreen.je Is All About Generating 1st Class Business Development Growth For Jersey

Whether you have a plan or not, your prospects do — and it’s to find a trusted ally for their needs.

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Lead generation, sales-funnels and SEO work — measurably — by presenting valuable offers, to relevant audiencesat scale.

Our role is to persuade you to enable the actions you need to grow your business — so you can deliver the results your team and clients need.

With our unique methods for business development, we grow; brands, businesses, revenues, and advantages.

Sound like the words of experience? Yes.

It’s the Pareto principle — 20% of initiatives generate 80% of results.

From over 30 years of online marketing (yes, since websites were just HTML, and phone batteries lasted weeks) — we focus on high-leverage performance.


Evergreen.je was founded by local resident and business developer, Marcus Quinn, in response to the Jersey Government Economic Unit’s productivity report — and discussions with the Jersey Business team on challenges facing local export businesses, competing in a global market.

Our website and business are designed to be a framework for repeatable, scalable, sustainable growth. Working with reputable organisations to promote their export services, and accelerate their revenue potential.

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Jersey needs productivity growth — and the economic infrastructure for low-footprint high-value industries to thrive. The tides of wealth move with value…

“Falling productivity does not mean that any of us are not working hard. However, it does mean that for every hour worked, less output is produced compared to last year, and the year before, and the year before that… and this matters. It matters because it makes us all poorer. We estimate that if productivity had continued at 2007 levels we would all be, on average, £14,000 a year better off.”


Productivity is earning more — per unit of time, or usage of infrastructure.

Output being sales — of goods & services.

Earning being profit — what’s left over to grow with.

More being either side of your P&L — lower costs, or less wasted effort — or increased sales, revenues, and capacity — or, ideally, both.

How do we increase productivity?

We’re adept at both sides of an income & expense statement — but, when you’re already good at what you do, the largest potential gains, and boost to moral, comes from growing sales — and growing positive balance sheets.

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Jersey has a vibrant circular economy for local sales — but — clearly, the only sustainable solution to improving productivity is from significantly increasing the comparative earnings of Jersey’s working population, through exports — and growing our active international business investments.

The best-known way to do this is by offering competitive value, and awareness for our primary exports; professional services, financial services, digital innovations, healthy tourism, and our infamous agriculture.

With practical limits on population growth, increased productivity must come from;

  • increasing the value-proposition of our export companies,
  • export licensing of intellectual property assets, and
  • acquiring international growth assets.

We have to grow both; our audience, and the value they receive — with our unique education, expertise, and experience.

As an island, we are quite literally surrounded by the proverbial blue ocean — and beyond our horizons are vast opportunities. We just have to make sure we’re we’re found, trusted, and open for new business.

About us

Our business is designed to offer targeted, high-leverage, repeatable, scalable, trainable, methods for sales and outreach campaigns.

We’re working to grow Jersey exports, productivity, and genuine societal wealth — all by promoting our unique and trusted community of enablers.

Evergreen services are based on our career experience of growing professional services and ecommerce businesses — using search-optimised online content creation, data-mining, and outreach systems.

Our brand provides you with access to a team of experts at growing businesses online — experienced in identifying and scaling the 20% of activities that generate 80% of the positive results. (Pareto’s Principle)

This is what we’ve done for international clients for over 25 years — and are now offering direct, as our service to Jersey.

We place your offers in the right inboxes, with the right message, at the right time — for a continual flow of valuable connections.

We ranks our clients higher in search engines — to generate so many impressions that you can’t be missed by your ideal target audience.

We refine presentations, not-only to be world-class, but class-winning.

As they say; you reap what you sow…

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Why “Evergreen”?

The name, “Evergreen”, was inspired by a close family member’s favourite tree; the Evergreen Oak — strong, green all year round, and long-lasting.

“Evergreen” is also often used in content marketing, with the expression; “evergreen content” — meaning; designed to last all seasons, and earn its place for a long time to come. (As opposed to news and current affairs.)

“Green” is also a euphemism for both; eco-friendly practices, and for money. Shortened from “The Greenback“.

We aim to make talking about money, sales, and profits something that isn’t taboo — because it is the essential element of communicating value; offered, owed, and transferred.

Talking about money is to talk about application of effort, recognisable as value, and receiving rewards as a fungible credit — for then using to request the valuable effort of others with, in return.

Our business is growing businesses.

We do this with the most recognisable measurement to all; financial successes and outstanding experiences — for our clients, and our client’s clients.

Business development matters

Everyone needs a purpose, and confidence in their future.

Evergreen’s strategy and support service is to grow your website traffic, contacts, and business — to realise the full potential of your purpose, and give you the greatest confidence of all; the votes of confidence from delighted sales.

You learn a lot about people from the questions they ask, as they reveal their understanding and motivations — and these are ours:

How do you currently assure your brand, team, and community of the growth, experiences, and results they deserve?

How do you generate demand, and source supply?

Our why and how

Likes aren’t sales, dinners aren’t deals

Many are spending a lot of time and money on “awareness” with social media, and “networking” with corporate hospitality and travel.

Few are gathering all of their total addressable market’s activity and contact data — or reaching out to enough prospects directly — to generate outstanding growth.

Modern business is proactive, measurable, and scaleable on-demand.

We make revenue scaleable by using proven online growth systems — because there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities, just time — and targetted technology solves that.

Businesses, brands, and websites cost a lot to begin with — and then many times more to keep the operations, products, services, skills, and offers they represent, available.

Yet, often, new content, monetisation opportunities, and outreach are an after-thought — delegated to juniors, neglected in dedicated staffing, or created without an understanding of how to ensure it is; found, received, converted into real connections, and yields measurable financial results.

Newsletters, articles, and PR become a chore, repeatedly telling people what you’re doing.

Many brands are not giving audiences enough value for their time, not asking them what they want, and not directly showing them how you can achieve it for them.

We must get your them-to-you ratio right — for them.

They have priorities, too.

What are their greatest needs?

It takes time, repetitive work, and expense to; find contacts, make connections, and qualify each.

Growth is infinitely more difficult without a strategy optimised for sales.

Isn’t life easier when your ideal connections come to you, ready to go?

Demand searches for supply

Search engine marketing

49% of website marketing professionals rate organic search as their highest earning channel.

Source: Which Digital Marketing Channel Has the Highest ROI for Websites? [POLL] by Search Engine Journal

The average person uses Google four times a day.

Source: Backlinko via Web Tribunal, Search Stats

On average, the top spot on search engines will generally get 40% of the clicks, second will get 20%, third might get 10%, and so-on.

Email marketing

99% of email users check their email every day, with some checking as many as 20 times a day.

Source: OptinMonster, Email Marketing Statistics

The average employee spends 4 hours a day reading, writing, and managing emails.

Source: Mailbutler, Must-know email statistics and trends for 2023

No matter what new technologies and platforms there are, email is still the primary method of doing business, and will be for a long time.

Now, we have all sorts of social media platforms with direct messaging — but when it comes to getting serious, and doing deals, it’s the email trail that we all need — to show who says, does, commits, and owns, what.

Direct marketing

All infrastructure, costs, and effort, can only be realised if it can convert opportunities into actions — with the right audience, at the right time.

We’ve spent decades analysing and responding to the needs of customers, clients, and organisations — all connected through websites and inboxes.

Success isn’t random, it’s perfecting repeatable, desirable results.

And, we hope you aren’t calling people and their lives, “data”.

In the age of abundant online noise, we must be more direct and personal, taking an interest in the things that people share — that no data can tell you — it is often the missing information that is most important in enabling decisions.

We need to know our audience individually, more than ever.

Influencer marketing

How do you reach a bigger audience?

Work with people and brands that already have one.

Increase your profile by convincing those with a further reach to share their experiences in working with you.

Describe the people you’re hoping to reach, and what they already like — we’ll then find the right partnerships to generate reciprocal value for all.

Growth doesn’t happen by accident

Of all the many aspects to running websites, the absolute most value we have achieved is through reaching people via search engines and inboxes — buyers, sellers, and new colleagues.

And, of all the skill, experience, and tools we can offer to our good friends and neighbouring operations in Jersey, lead generation, sales-funnels, and search engine optimisation (SEO) offer by-far the most industry-agnostic societal wealth-creation possibilities — and scaleable skills.

The essence of true capitalism is in creating capital value for all. This only happens when people actively make it happen.

We can only make anything happen consistently when we understand how to achieve it in the first instance, and then repeat time-efficiently.

Everyone wins when we continually out-perform yesterday’s market.

Bring forward tomorrow’s ideas to become today’s projects.

Sell our repeatable value-propositions to the vast markets beyond our shores — so people can benefit from our innovations, just as we do theirs.

Research rewards

Our home-island of Jersey is great at cross-pollination of services — but, there’s a vast blue ocean beyond the horizon.

There’s a world of opportunities with people searching for what we have to offer — every day.

If we can upskill every person and team we work with, and show every brand how to maximise the reach of their good work — we can make one of the most significant and tangible contributions to the economy — and individual rewards — from enabling much higher earnings.

What, where, and when

No more guesswork

We can measurably engineer and generate growth.

We do this by leveraging data-science, real intelligence, and increasing awareness of one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, work, and tell others about.

How much is still being left on the table?

We now have the data to answer this. Let’s use it to connect people, and let them choose the partners that they can find here — with those best prepared to offer excellence.

Unfortunately, no marketing qualification alone can offer as much as the tools and techniques we employ, as they evolve faster than courses can.

Modern tools have direct performance feedback loops, and connect us to new opportunities, daily.

This is sales.

Sales are qualified and measured by the direct attribution of results.

The audience is the ultimate judge of success, paying with their attention.

Capturing demand

We’re here to bring Jersey businesses and organisations the highest possible return on investment, from time or effort.

We do this by capturing demand, connecting supply, and getting the right kind of attention.

Your website and emails are seen at the very beginning of the customer or client journey — through direct email campaigns, content marketing, and search engine optimisation (SEO) — at the lowest possible cost, and for perpetual returns.

What gets measured, gets improved

Effectively, we acquire digital real estate — now known as the attention-economy — and significant value from engagement, at a minimal cost, by using publicly available market activity data.

It even amazes us how much data is now available for who, what, where, when, and why.

We can systematically, and predictably position your brand’s pages higher on search engine results pages, for relevant search terms — and ask simple, direct questions in people’s inboxes, when they have shown interest in being your ideal clients, partners, and candidates.

We can already see your current performance (website traffic and backlink data is all public nowadays), we just need to know where do you want to get to? And, how quickly?

Evergreen finds and fills gaps

Evergreen is a new service, and perhaps concept, for Jersey.

We offer a niche service, that we’ve refined for our website clients and our own ventures since the beginnings of the internet.

It’s simply gap-analysis, from demand-activity data — and forming direct responses to catch the right kind of attention.

This is our speciality — and we do it with precision, intent, and closer to a guaranteed result than perhaps any other initiative you could entertain.

Most likely, you don’t need a new website or software because our toolkit operates independently.

However, what we can do will probably pay for whatever you wish for.

There will be no guesswork, just calculated and intentional results.

Our offer

Growth partnership

We’re a growth-creation business.

We offer local businesses with global audiences an expert service — separate and independent of your website agency or in-house technology — to directly promote your unique advantages.

You can let your agency know, but they don’t need to, since our team becomes an invisible extension of your own.

We just need you to take care of your service excellence, delivery, and scaling capacity.

Our value is in complimenting your marketing content and brand assets — with a proven strategy of publishing keyword-rich articles, imagery, video, statistics, graphs, interviews, insights, and press releases — all as lead-magnets.

We attract people searching through search engines, and by referrals through backlinks in related content — to form content marketing and outreach campaigns that bring people to you.

It’s so effective, with such abundant opportunity, that we want everyone to know how we work, too.

There should be no mystery about how to repeat your successes, we just need to plan for growth, then systemise what works.

Strategic, intentional, efficient focus

Our Do’s & Don’t’s:

  • We don’t sell websites with SEO as a box-ticking feature.
  • We don’t do brochures.
  • We won’t fix your printer, internet, or slow computer.
  • We don’t have any up-sells or cross-sells — it all just works with what you already have.
  • We won’t do anything that we can’t explain or prove — and that you agree to in advance.
  • We will optimise what you already have — and provide a step-by-step plan for everything that will increase sales.
  • We will bring more traffic to your website.
  • We will bring genuine connections to your inboxes.
  • This is all we do — and we train our clients on every strategy, too.

We’re dedicated, targetted, accountable, and focused purely on maximising your leads, sales, search-engine rankings, website visits — and direct connections to all those you’d like to work with.

It’s almost so obvious sometimes. We just do what you probably know needs to be done — and no-one could take the time to focus on before.

AI Assistants

Strategies and tactics can sometimes be described in a way that we can then compose as briefs for AI assistants, like ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, and other specialist artificial intelligence models.

AI has become a part of our daily workflows, although, only when it saves significant time, and doesn’t compromise quality.

Our use of AI is equivalent to adding extra experience and capacity to the team, without the scaling costs of valuable and creative people time.

All our work is still human edited, for quality-control, personal experience, and fact-checking — it’s just super-human now.

What do you do?

To onboard us, treat us like any other prospect — pitch us your offer, show us your unique methods, and how your new connections will win with you.

Share your targets, ask us anything about how we work — and let us know how long we have to ensure you see significant returns on investment.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll show you how to get it — quickly.

Can we handle your size of business?

Yes. Our methods are repeatable, and the team is experienced at scaling.

Can your business handle the growth?

Let’s talk in confidence

There’s not much more to know — but there is all the potential, and digestible reporting, that you could wish for.

We cover a very specific niche in growth engineering, and offer a quite unique service for all innovative export businesses.

It’s only dependent upon on your ambitions, and allowing us to demonstrate the results to your top and bottom lines.

We’re Data Protection registered, compliant, and accountable — taking on our obligations with great respect for privacy, data security, and integrity.

And, lastly, how many about us pages do you read this far?

Want to know why?

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