Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — Faster Growth for 2024

SEO is the difference between winning, or not.

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Social media is disruption-based marketing.

Search is intention-based marketing.

By ranking higher on search engines, directories, catalogues, and social media, you make more connections and opportunities for your offer.

Our marketing agency services are an engineered process — to create more of the signals that search traffic data tells us they recognise.

Our entire website is designed to be a best-practice example — for you to study, compare, and find inspiration for your own.

Yes, there are plenty of words, too — for good reasons, search engines read them all.

You are welcome to try our free instant SEO report on your website, to see what improvements you could make.

On this page, we’ll discuss…

  • What is SEO?
  • Why SEO needs dedicated attention for activity-guided content
  • How a strategy for content is needed to attract the most search engine traffic — from efforts you’re already making
  • The unlimited growth and profit potential that SEO can yield — for your business, and you personally

“People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole”

Attributed to Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business School Professor

Businesses don’t need websites, customers do.

Websites are simply a delivery mechanism for answers — to which we need to know the questions.

What is SEO? Why does it matter?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, might be the oldest, and most competitive, subject on the internet; how to make the results of your efforts appear higher on search engines, like Google and Bing.

SEO is a science, art, and service.

And now, search results are digital real estate.

If we want attention, we have to play by these new rules of SERP Monopoly.

SEO for Jersey brands

Jersey SEO initiatives could yield the single biggest impact on the global reach of Jersey brands — and thereon growth of our exports.

The Jersey Government’s Economic Unit commentates in great detail on Jersey’s economy, productivity, and demographics on the blog.

What is most apparent, is that collectively we need to increase both the value, and awareness of what Jersey has to offer in export products and services.

We formed to help everyone we can with this exact aim in mind — to grow real societal wealth, with a positive balance of trade.

Local competition is healthy — but being internationally competitive is essential. Other jurisdictions are upping their game, we must too!

Monetising SEO

You can monetise websites in multiple ways:

  • Selling products and services via enquiries, bookings, or local visits
  • Ecommerce mail-order, information, downloads, and apps
  • Selling advertising space per 1,000 page-impressions or per click
  • Affiliate marketing commission through referral links
  • Selling directory listings and promotional features
  • Attracting talent, suppliers, partners, and collaborations

You get paid in proportion to; the size of the problems you solve, logistical weight you lift, value you generate, and markets you add value to.

Search yields the largest markets of all.

Showing travellers from the Netherlands what Jersey has to offer?Let’s understand what travellers are searching for
How to attract investment in Jersey LLCs?Analyse how LLC formation service and conference websites in the US, Canada, Caribbean are presenting their offers
Generating more dairy exports?Look for trending recipe hashtags by region
Selling Jersey’s infrastructure innovations to other countries?Let’s see what the top players there are ranking for
Creative content marketing provides answers for existing interest

Reverse-engineer the demand by location, create the matching keyword-rich website content, and make sure our offers are seen — where people are already searching for the things we excel at.

SEO by example

Yes, every page on our own website is composed by real people, with a mind for both our good readers, and search engine ranking factors.

We always aim to lead by example — designing this website as a useful reference for comparing and composing your own content and links.

Perhaps you’ll notice some of the formatting differences between our own website, and your own?

Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re missing — until you see someone else with it.

google search chatgpt jersey ranking number 1 by team
Our client,, ranked number 1 on Google for “chatgpt jersey” a few weeks after launching a new website in July 2023 (screenshot taken 1st December 2023)

Search engine ranking

Primarily, this means Google Search to most people, but it includes other search engines, like Bing, Qwant, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Ebay, Expedia,,, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest other similar regional cataloguing platforms, and subsections, like My Business, Maps, Images, Shopping, News, Discover, Travel.

Plus, now OpenAI‘s ChatGPT, Bing Chat (Microsoft Copilot), Google Gemini, and other AI research tools, are reading, summarising, and citing your web content.

Save from re-explaining what’s quite an exhaustive subject. We’ll add further reading and viewing links below, to just focus here on what we do to win at SEO for our clients — using our unique search engine optimisation strategy, implementation, and training services.

How do I rank number 1 on Google?

Yes, that is the ultimate question, isn’t it?!

It’s a fair question, too — but for what keywords and searches?

The best answer is: Someone has to rank number 1 for every search, and number 2, and 3, and so-on.

We just have to work out how to make your website’s home page or other pages, the absolute best, most credible, engaging, valuable, and endorsed answer to each relevant search.

You are rewarded with ranking in proportion to the intelligence and effort that is applied to ranking.

Relying on luck, guessing, or ignoring, is rarely enough.

Our job is to give you the complete intelligence, and take on the majority of effort — to make what you’re already doing, or need to do, more effective at ranking higher — and for more of the buying-intent search terms and keywords that your target audience are using.

Of course, you can try our free instant seo report to benchmark where you are now, and where you could be.

SEO services for Jersey

To show brands the value of SEO Jersey targetting, we offer our services at various budget levels; done by you, done with you, or done for you.

We have the SEO answers you need to rank higher — and we only take on clients and projects where we can assure you of a rapid and measurable return on investment.

No mysteries, no wasted effort — just enhancing what you already do, with a strategy designed to increase your contacts, sales, and profits.

Website design agencies in Jersey

A quick search for “Jersey website design” shows plenty of excellent website design agencies in Jersey for all occasions, client types and budgets — as we’re listing for your handy reference — but, until now, there’s been no dedicated service focused on SEO and lead generation.

The reason for having a dedicated SEO and lead generation service, is it requires concentration, commitment, and experience to research, execute, and deliver tangible valuable with the results.

Your good agency or in-house team is best focused on your branding, advertising, creative meetings, photography, video production, social media marketing, print design, events, and all the other things that design and development teams enjoy working on.

We focus on helping you with your SEO content briefs and strategy — to make sure you’re investing in marketing assets, created in the right way to achieve the biggest returns — by attracting relevant search traffic.

Content marketing and PR for Jersey

Many professions involve producing significant content for their communications, documentation, and portfolio — but most don’t then make time to format for website viewers and SEO Jersey ranking needs.

Although, we’re experienced with design and development for our own projects — the vast majority of our time and effective effort is the presentation of the expertise that your website exists to promote.

We can work with your website agency, or in-house development team, but the majority of what we do is independent — because we become your dedicated outsourced content strategy creators, editors, and promoters of your brand website, and on 3rd-party websites and channels.

A second-order effect we also hope for is local website agencies to follow and support our initiative, aspire to match our efforts, learn from our research and sharing, and collectively increase the visibility of all Jersey websites — on search engines around the world.

We all win when our friends and neighbours win.

Technical SEO

Generally, technical SEO is covered with website data structure, speed, accessibility, and availability, and is tested with Google Pagespeed.

There is an amount of technical SEO needs that should be met, and is reflected in your Google Pagespeed scores — and most modern platforms are capable of achieving with a little effort.

Often, this is simply provided by the platform, plugin configuration, and filling in all the details per page.

Website speed, code structure, and accessibility are also significant factors, as our page on website speed tests shows.

We can help write the task requests for any fixes that we can see are needed — if within the capabilities of the provider and platform — or sometimes offer to show them how to fix or upgrade your toolkit.

Everything else, we deem independent of the website platform — this is your SEO content structure and strategy. This is our speciality.

Personal SEO

Have you searched for your name?

What do the results say about you?

Personal branding and profile

Personal branding is becoming ever more significant in both growing your authority for expertise online to those searching for you personally.

Your ranking is also a valuable asset to those brands that need your words and connection to give credibility to their own.

In fact, Google places such high regard on personal profiles, biographies, and links across the internet that brands without numerous high-authority authors on their websites are at a significant disadvantage.

With the majority of content eventually being AI written, the value and demand for authentic personal brands and experiences, is only going to increase.

Guest posting articles for SEO

Guest posting on other related websites, is also an increasing factor for your main brand’s ranking efforts.

Other website managers will be looking at your online profile, content mix, and topical authority, when deciding to invite you to post on their sites.

Creating opportunities to guest post — with valuable, relevant content to the host — is a great way to secure authentic topically relevant backlinks.

SEO strategy

You probably don’t have a current, and effective, SEO strategy. That’s OK, it is still underestimated or misunderstood by many.

We’re here to fix and fill the gaps in your online visibility and ranking.

To save from this page being overwhelming, we’ve broken the subject down into the main areas we focus on — to make your strategy profitable:

The tasks that appear most difficult or daunting, at first, are often the most valuable things to do — because the more apparent effort, the less competition will be trying to do the same.

Make sure your brand has ticked more SEO boxes, and whenever there’s a tie-breaker for ranking points, you’ll have the understanding and tools to tip the balance in your favour, and out-rank those relying on their brand legacy, alone.

SEO tools, research, best-practice

Almost all the best education on many subjects now is being shared via website blogs and YouTube channels.

Here’s a great video from Ahrefs to help understand how to analyse the traffic potential of each search term:

To learn more about what we do, and you can, too, some of the tools we use have excellent blogs and videos — focused on SEO content marketing:

These blogs, and others, are great examples of the attention to detail that needs to go into web pages, and specifically blog posts, with formatting, rich data, authority, and links.

With practice, though, we hope you’ll see the increased attraction and enjoyment that your content can create, and connections from the appropriate calls-to-action throughout.

Yes, it’s a deep and broad subject, but we can help you get straight to the highest value initiatives — and build a long-term strategy to weave SEO ranking points into all your existing efforts.

Free SEO consultation

When you’re ready, just pop us a message — and ask us anything, in confidence. We only win when you win more.

We can have a look at your website(s), and other landing pages, and let you know what we think your potential is in traffic and value…

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Further reading on SEO

Now you have an overview of what SEO is, and how it can grow your brand assets in search real estate. The next level of knowledge is getting into the details of what moves the needle in SEO:

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