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Do you know the value of your domain’s rating?

Authority and ranking

Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rank (DR) is a rating from 0 to 100.

It estimates a domain’s relative authority with search engines — based on traffic, backlinks, and search results rankings.

A new domain would be 0, with 90+ only achieved by the highest-ranking, well-known and referenced domains, like,, etc.

The measure is exponential, so to go from DA/DR 1 to 2, 10 to 11, 65 to 66 etc, means doubling in ranking authority for each increment.

Page Authority (PA) or Page Rank (PR) is the same, but for pages on a website. Google famously coined and trademarked the term PageRank.

These numbers are measures, and not causes of traffic and ranking — they can still somewhat also be manipulated, so are only indicative.

Ratings shouldn’t be relied on alone as authoritative — we need to also check that a domain or page is substantial and trusted — with other signals, like page content, author expertise, and topical authority.

Website domain authority checkers

These handy websites offer free website domain ranking checker and page ranking checker tools:

Do you have a blog?

Blogs are often the least attended to parts of any website, yet often have the most potential for gaining free traffic with SEO.

To make efforts on your blog effective, you’ll need a content strategy, keyword analysis, and to grow backlinks.

Partner website monetisation

If you have a high DA/DR website (50+), there’s a good chance you aren’t maximising your monetisation potential.

You could be earning tens of thousands a month from your domain authority with guest posts, sponsored content, affiliate and brand partnership deals.

We have specific strategies for high-authority websites — to generate significant additional monthly revenue — at no cost to yourselves!

We add significant value to your brand — with trusted brand partnerships.

If you don’t have a high domain authority — but have a significant brand and traffic — we can also help improve your search ranking.

Please get in touch, and we’ll give you an idea of the additional earning potential of your domain…

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