Business Development Training & Toolkit for Success in 2024

Business development training on lead generation, sales-funnels, and search ranking could offer the highest return on investment for your brand, team, and personal growth.

Let’s look at the potential…

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Every offering and message needs a path to engagement and connection.

Everyone on your team should know how valuable it is to grow, enrich, and stay connected with your contacts.

Every word published online needs to be created with an understanding of how your content is found — by those searching for what you offer and share.

What would almost unlimited growth — on-demand — mean to your team, organisation, and mission?

Sales awareness matters

With our performance-based growth-partner business model, we create significant advantages by upskilling and tooling your team for growth.

The more visible and measurable the financial rewards, the further capabilities can be shared — benefitting all areas of society, reliant on the health of our business community and economy.

There’s far too many opportunities out there — and our work doesn’t need to be secretive to be successful.

Our sales training and toolkits — alongside our managed services — enables entire industries to outperform targets for financial and structural growth.

Business development training

Modern business development is multi-faceted, and relies on significant data gathering, analysis, audience engagement, qualified lead generation, and targetted sales-funnels — to be effective and scaleable.

You can’t just rely on putting a job adverts out for Business Development staff, hoping they’ll come to you, take their existing contacts from your industry peers, work with the basic tools you have — and that would be enough.

We need to grow in-house capabilities — and the markets for what we offer.

To attract and enable the best business development team, they need the best resources to generate new business.

We have to preserve their valuable time for building new relationships, developing markets, and adapting your offers — for then briefing your product team on delivering the results promised.

We know the tools, can gather the data, and give your team new ways to leverage their industry experience — at scale.

All this, we do without costing you the time it takes for all the research and implementation of systems, first, or unassisted.

Accountability partners

Sometimes, it can be challenging to keep teams focused on business development and sales — or even find the time among operations and marketing-asset creation.

Attention needs to be prioritised for the highest value endeavours.

To support targets, we offer access to our multidisciplinary sales & marketing consultancy experience.

We do the research, bring back the data needed to act on, gauge the time-costs and value of each initiative, prioritise, setup campaigns, and track results.

We’re performance-driven, our success depends on your team’s success.

Share your goals with us, and we can focus purely on results — independent of your day-to-day operational needs.

Lead generation training

Lead generation training is a combination of tools and techniques.

We have to give confidence to your whole team for outreach — and the autonomy to try, without fear of failure, since it is still a numbers game.

When we know the value of the average customer or contract — and how many connections it takes to acquire each — business growth is simply a matter of increasing the right connections, at a desirable rate.

Here’s a great podcast from Joana Galvão, Founder of The Ambitious Creative, with her take on growing her professional services business through referrals…

Lead data sources

We have ways to mine contact data from LinkedIn, X, Instagram, BuiltWith, websites, directories, conferences, trade shows, and any online data source.

We’ve imported, cleaned, and verified lead data from them all.

Describe your Ideal Customer/Client/Contact Profile (ICP), and we’ll find everything you need to know — to introduce them to your offers.

Data enrichment

We can enrich your existing CRM or other contact databases, with all the other useful information and connections that give you; a better view of your total audience, what they are talking about, and what they’re interested in.

Then — we can compose personalised, meaningful outreach messages — to secure appreciative, valuable, and measurable responses.

Outreach systems

Most new conversations nowadays are started with an email, direct message, or phone call.

We make outreach scaleable and time-efficient, so your business development team can focus on calls from qualified, interested prospects.

We have dedicated, proven tools. These work alongside your own — and we’ll train your team on every aspect.

Sales-funnel training

The value and presentation of your offer is pivotal in converting leads into sales.

An understanding of sales-funnels will help give your team a way to communicate that captures all available opportunities — from understanding the evolving audience’s needs at each stage.

We can help refine and optimise your business development sales-funnels.

For larger audiences, we can A/B test approaches — for continual improvement, and maximising the relevance and value of responses.

Lead magnet reviews

Modern marketeers are now focused on the abundance of giving — to ensure we’ve offered value many times over, in various ways — before asking for anything in return.

Ask yourself, what can others learn from you? Now we package that.

Give away the methods. Share the mission. Sell the delivery.

The power of reciprocity means that when people are ready to do business, they are educated, primed, familiar — and want to get straight to the budget and tasks in hand.

Lead magnets take many forms; articles, videos, podcasts, downloads, papers, surveys, quizzes, waiting lists, calculators, reports, samples, events, etc.

Brochures, catalogues, and merchandising still have a place — but only when their costs are justified against highly scaleable online assets.

We prefer marketing assets that are more easily attributable to responses — and can evolve to remain relevant.

Giving tasters, in exchange for contact details, will grow your brand champions.

Calls-to-action research

Gone are the days of business coming to you, as the only gig in town.

We work in a global marketplace.

Jurisdictional competitive-edges now have sophisticated and bold competition — asking for business, and moving markets.

Attention spans are shorter — and information-overload is a side effect of our new-found abundance of competing information to choose from.

You have to guide your prospects at every touch-point — on what they need to do next, when, and how they get value from each step.

Sales journey workshops

It’s difficult to be objective about the impressions you make — and the ease at which you feel someone should find for engaging with your brand.

We can look at your sales journey, and then research comparables

Let’s see what we can learn from, improve upon — and evolve to meet our audience’s modern, sophisticated, and self-researched expectations.

An often forgotten process, but having role-play sessions — with those having fresh eyes and awareness for details — will help prepare newer team members for their audience needs, that they’re expected to have answers for.

We can help make sure that the 20% of things, that get you 80% of results, are continually refined for growth.

Then, improve standards for the 80% of things that often don’t get enough attention — but also have less competition for such care for details.

SEO training

There’s no reason you can’t dominate search rankings for your speciality, and target markets.

Here’s where we can really help you capitalise on the search economy.

If you aren’t ranking high for relevant keywords, then you simply haven’t intentionally taken all the actions that are necessary to.

Most likely because you don’t know all the factors needed — or can’t find the time to ensure everyone publishing is aware of all the details.

We’re local to Jersey, and with a wide array of experience international online — working with many multinational brands.

We’ve worked in ecommerce, where every penny counts — for costs per acquisition, and capturing multi-million pound professional services deal-flows.

When looking at local websites, we can see a vast difference between those that understand how to publish for search engines — and those who could benefit from learning our most effective tactics and strategies.

You don’t need to tell us if you need what we do — we can already see, and so can anyone else searching online.

Everyone has different learning preferences. Our most effective training methods are by example — with our content, client case studies, and your website.

It’s immensely satisfying to see how a few changes can quickly move you up the results — to get measurable increases in traffic and enquiries.

Access all SEO areas

Steal our strategies!

Secrecy is selfish, and a sin — but privacy, confidentiality, and choice are rights.

Our purpose and mission is to enable outstanding performance — in the right way for you — and always without conflicts of interests.

We don’t gate-keep our knowledge or resources, they’re part of the package.

We’re not retainer rent-seekers, or per-users software sellers.

We’re paid-on-performance.

Let us create digital assets that attract repeat long-term income streams — because our clients generate many times more sales online, now.

We generate measurable audience engagement — and economic growth.

Everything we do is offered to upskill our clients.

Every team can increase their rankings — and connections with their good brands and messages — to promote your offers to the world.

All our services — done for you, done with you, or done by you — come with an essential and time-efficient element of SEO training.

SEO tools

It often doesn’t make sense to repurchase all the same SEO tools we use — as some data sources can be hundreds or thousands a month in costs to maintain.

The SEO we can do using free and low costs platforms and systems, we share.

The more you know, the more you’ll understand exactly how to grow your organic traffic and audiences.

The data that’s more efficient for us to curate, we’ll package into relevant, regular reporting — to enrich your whole market research and awareness.

The tools to increase the performance of every online page, we’ll implement, make sure your team understands — and we know they’ll enjoy using.

What are your targets?

We love a challenge.

Let’s find time to make business development and sales a priority again…

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