Cookie Policy

Privacy-first technology choices

Be assured, we are promoters, supporters and advocates of all personal data privacy needs and expectations, respecting all our website and services users, without prejudice.

You may notice in our Privacy Policy, our avoidance of using common big-tech services, tools and hidden functions. These may, in our view, have complex, convoluted or otherwise questionable data privacy and protection policies — spanning many jurisdictions, beyond our scope.

It is beyond our resources to monitor and, by proxy of usage, endorse such far-reaching services, beyond the absolute necessary, and clearly identifiable.

Our default choice in use of any data processing services is always self-hosted and identifiably managed — for security, privacy, and minimal data footprint — therefore minimising risks of unidentifiable loss, breach, or misappropriation.

We’ve worked extensively to make technical development choices, where possible, that avoid using or needing cookies — and will continue to work towards a cookie-free website as soon as possible and practicable.

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