Are We A Good Fit?

It’s best for all involved to right-size your growth partners.

Of course, neither of us can work with everyone. That’s fine, and normal.

There’s no shortage of opportunities — and we don’t do high-pressure sales.

Let’s go over a few things that may help you see if we’ll be a good fit — to match your budgets, expectations, and aims for growth…

  • You export goods and services or have a large addressable market.
  • You have product-market fit.
  • You’re hiring for business growth.
  • You have dedicated business development and customer services staff.
  • You have customers that would be happy to sing your praises.
  • You have projects that make for great case studies.
  • You’re comfortable with remote consultancy and video meetings.
  • You’re confident in putting your name to your business.
  • You need to focus on customer experience and product development.
  • 12-month rolling agreements sound ideal for your securing of attention and targets.
  • Doubling your business would be enjoyable.
  • Your team enjoys learning new techniques and tactics.
  • You believe in free market competition, to encourage improvement and innovation for all.
  • You don’t have time for market research.
  • You have a great offering, and are ready for more to enjoy your brand.
Let’s Think
  • You only sell locally to a small market.
  • You’re just starting out.
  • You’re under £50k/yr net profit in the last 12 months. (We can offer free advice to get you over that.)
  • You don’t have the capacity to handle more business. (This is more common than you might think.)
  • People have to work in your office, so you can “see what they are doing”.
  • You might be in dire straights in the next year. (Try us, but we will be honest as to the chances of rescue.)
  • You can’t wait a few months for results. (What we do is for long-term asset growth.)
  • You have, need, or want to do everything in-house.
  • You just want to see what we do, to try and copy it. (Training is offered, although, action is rarely taken without resources, time to learn, and motivation. Our offer is speed.)
  • You think a few magic apps or AI can solve everything. (It’s the choice, experience and implementation that makes anything profitable.)
  • You want to monopolise your market, or interfere with healthy competition.
  • You need many layers of management to sign anything off, or to micromanage and control every detail.
  • You don’t have time for testing new strategies.

These are just considerations. Please — feel free to share your own, in return.

The best way to understand each other’s capabilities, availability, and definition of success is to book a discovery call…

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