Backlinks Are Qualified Votes Of Confidence From Related Sites – Essential for Number 1 Ranking

Backlinks are the nervous system of a search-engine’s neural networks — connecting knowledge.

minimalist sketch illustrating a knowledge graph, representing a search engine's vector database index of backlinks - 2500
ChatGPT DALL-E prompt: minimalist sketch illustrating a knowledge graph, representing a search engine’s vector database index of backlinks – 2500

They signal how relevant and trusted you are as a source — by peer-reviewed referrals to your pages.

How to get backlinks

Every time you’re mentioned online, you should be asking for a backlink;

  • to your website home page,
  • to the relevant information page being referenced, or
  • to your author profile.

Why backlinks matter

Backlinks accrue valuable social-proof, from being cited and referenced.

Good quality backlinks (high domain-authority and relevance) are earned by publishing high-value content to link to — and then asking.

On the page, we’ll discuss:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Domain Rating or Ranking (DR)
  • Page Rank (PR)
  • Internal links
  • Public Relations (also PR)
  • Social media and other online profiles, like forums and directories

Backlinks are somewhat of a democratic currency, they represent votes in an online popularity, beauty, and authority contest.

There’s no escaping the fact; the number and quality of backlinks to your pages are significant points-scoring metrics in competitive ranking.

Backlinks go hand-in-hand with the quality of your content, as signals to search-engines that their ranking of your pages will satisfy their users.

How to rank higher on search engines with backlinks

There’s no question that backlinks have a significant effect on search-engine ranking.

In fact, they were the main factor that first made search engines useful, and difficult to manipulate. This is due to the distribution of authority, and therefore the theoretical difficulty and expense of manipulating them.

Ranking high on search engines is effectively a combination of entity-weighting + backlink-weighting. Entities being keywords or search terms.

Google PageRank

Google pioneered the PageRank concept, as a democratic way to weight the valu of links when sorting search results. Someone has to be first!

Acquiring high-quality backlinks

Linkable content

By far the most linkable content is rich with facts and primary source commentary.

Facts and journalism can include citations, quotes, interviews, table, charts, measurements, specifications, comparisons, and industry news.

The first part is acquiring backlinks, is having something valuable to link to. Hence, your content strategy is such an important foundation.

Public relations (PR)

You might have many great things going on, with regular achievements and progress. But, if you don’t shout about it, who would know?

Often, brands will focus on press releases to local and industry news outlets — but, in a global online world, there’s many more publications that could be interested in your press releases.

Our role here is to find and syndicate your press releases to as many relevant outlets as possible — because, every published release is a citation and back link opportunity from those topically relevant media sites and section, that search engines will also recognise as positive signals in considering your ranking position.

Email outreach

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. As with our lead generation strategies, we can mine far more contact data for website editors, and reach them by email at scale.

Ethical link building services

To increase your online profile, in search engines, and with audiences throughout your industry and target markets, just pop us a message, and let us do the research…

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