Free Website Carbon Footprint Checker and Calculator

The way your website is created and hosted affects both its speed and energy-efficiency — therefore, electricity and carbon costs.

Website carbon checker -  minimalist, hand-drawn, color illustration that depicts the Earth inside a greenhouse, which is displayed on a computer screen, running hot
ChatGPT DALL-E prompt: hand-drawn minimalist colour illustration style image of earth in a greenhouse on a computer screen with the computer running hot -ar 16:9

We choose clean-energy hosting, to help minimise our carbon footprint — and energy-efficient Apple M-Series computers, as our daily drivers.

Our website speed-optimisation, code efficiency, indexed data-queries, and ad-filters all help reduce the energy needs of our online services.

Website carbon calculator

Check our website carbon use, and your own at

Website Carbon Calculator v3 | What’s your site’s carbon footprint?
The original website carbon calculator tool, brought to you by Wholegrain Digital,London’s original sustainable WordPress agency.
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