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The speed of your website is seen as a reflection of the speed of your service.

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100% Performance score for Our home page is over 3,600 words, plus images, buttons, forms, and calendar. Don’t let anyone tell you 100% Google Pagespeed score’s aren’t possible with a lot of content. It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it 🙂

Try our favourite website speed tests to see how your website compares.

Website speed test optimisation

Speed is a factor in search engine optimisation, along with accessibility, and on-page experience.

It pays to know if this is letting you down, and those that know how to fix it.

Speed optimisation also helps significantly with minimising your website’s energy usage, and therefore the website’s carbon footprint.

We’re pretty experienced, and competitive, with website speed-optimisation — both with WordPress, and server configuration. Much of which just comes from experience, and not ignoring it as a significant factor in usability.

All the optimisations you’re experiencing on this website are a combination of a simple and standard hosting setup, minimal loading of plugins, and refinement of settings from the experience of years of research, development, and testing.

Give our website a test with any of these website speed test services — and your own, or any other services you’re comparing for speed.

Google Pagespeed


Pingdom Tools

Web Page Test

Website speed tips

This is a reasonably well covered area for online advice, to save from repeating that, here’s an interesting article on website speed tips:

We have our own specific speed-optimisation methods — generally best implemented when everything else on your website has finished the development stage, to save us all from moving targets.

If you need a second-opinion, or some focused experience on speed, please get in touch for a rapid response…

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