Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

You know what? Let's not delete it. Let's write!

Illustrate a hand-drawn style image of the WordPress logo for a WordPress Hello World! blog post 16-9 ratio
ChatGPT DALL-E prompt: Hand-drawn style image of the WordPress logo -2500 -ar 16:9

Normally, we just delete this default WordPress Hello world! post — but, maybe we can have some fun with it?

Let's leave it here for now.

If you've created a WordPress website, or any software, before, you'll undoubtedly recognise these infamous words.

If you haven't, this is how every new WordPress website starts with a single short example blog post — so, now you know.

WordPress SEO

Let's see if we can just expand on this otherwise thin content, or accidental oversight, over time — and see how high we can rank on Google for “hello world“, or “wordpress“, or both — with some of our SEO content strategies.

SEO isn't always quick, but when it's effective, it's very resilient.

We might not be the first to write about the default “Hello world!” post — but it's a big world, and we live on a small island, so let's see how we can rank for this story in local searches.

We've got this and other websites to optimise, but let's keep coming back to this post, adding rich content to it, linking, and climbing the local search engine ranks because, why not?

To be continued…

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  1. And that’s the default comment on the “Hello world!” post, too. 👆

    Let’s keep it as well — and please do join the conversation below, if you want to share anything about SEO, content writing, blogging, website optimisation, business development, or anything else that can help Jersey say hello to more of the world!

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